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Get what you need, when you need it. The People Success Team offers practical and effective solutions on an as-needed basis, providing you with flexibility when you:

✔ Are not ready to commit to a subscription.
✔ Only require one or two missing pieces in your People function.
✔ Need an extra pair of hands for temporary assistance in your People department.

a la carte services


We understand people and will partner with you in attracting, hiring, onboarding, developing, empowering, and retaining your most valuable assets: your employees.


Without the right people, your strategy is just a wish list. Build teams that not only address today’s challenges but also envision the future, and you’ll outpace the competition.

People success enablement

Empowering your workforce to unlock their full potential, driving accelerated business growth.

Culture and Employee Experience

Foster a culture that empowers your employees to fulfill your purpose.


We design comprehensive total rewards programs that not only attract but also motivate and retain the right talent.


In an ever-changing world, staying successful means embracing innovation and agility. Our services are designed to help your organization adapt, evolve, and thrive.


We are here to support you in every step of your career journey, whether you’re just starting, looking for a change, or aiming to advance.

Building successful teams (ATTRACT AND HIRE)

Recruitment, Talent Acquisition, Hiring
Strategy and Insights

How we add value:

  • Strategic Talent Acquisition: Craft a Talent Acquisition strategy that balances high performance in the present and a forward-thinking approach for the future.
  • Business Alignment: Align your Talent Acquisition strategy seamlessly with your broader business strategy
  • Optimal Role Placement: Ensure that the right people occupy the right positions, performing tasks that align perfectly with their skills and your organizational objectives.
  • Industry Expertise: Leverage our industry expertise, including in-depth market knowledge, extensive contacts across all industry tiers, and an acute awareness of current trends and issues that directly impact your business and hiring goals.
Job Adverts | Job Descriptions

How we add value:

  • Comprehensive Analysis: Thoroughly analyze and develop new, compelling Job Adverts and Descriptions that resonate with top talent.
  • Rewrite Existing Job Adverts and Descriptions: Expertly rewrite your outdated Job Adverts and Descriptions, breathing new life into them to attract the best candidates.
Headhunting and Executive Search

How we add value:

  • Strategic Talent Sourcing: Employ a targeted approach to source and headhunt people perfectly suited to fulfill critical roles that support your strategic objectives.
  • Executive Search: Identify the next great leader who will steer your company toward success.

How we add value:

  • Professionally Conducted Interviews:  Organize and conduct interviews with candidates, streamlining the hiring process for both you and potential team members.
Train the internal hiring team

How we add value:

  • Value-Based, Bias-Free Hiring: Equip your hiring teams with the essential skills to recruit based on values and without bias.
References and Employment Check

How we add value:

  • Thorough Reference Check: Conduct meticulous reference checks, collecting valuable information from previous employers to ensure you make informed hiring decisions.
  • Employment History Verification: Rigorously verify the employment history of your potential employees, ensuring their qualifications and experiences match their claims.

People success enablement

Onboarding and Integration

Onboarding Plans (on-site or remote):

  • Designing and implementing onboarding plans tailored to specific positions and teams.
  • Tailored Onboarding Plans: At People Success Team, we understand that successful onboarding is a critical cornerstone for a thriving team. We offer plans designed to suit specific positions and teams, ensuring a seamless integration for your new hires.

Deliver People (HR) intro:

  • Professional New Hire Orientation: This is your opportunity to set the tone for an enriching employee journey. Our People Success Professionals are here to conduct your People/HR intro, providing valuable insights and guidance to new team members. 

New Joiners’ Communication:

  • Effective communication: This is key to engaging and retaining your new joiners. We specialize in creating communication templates that resonate with your new team members, fostering a sense of belonging from day one.

New Joiners’ Surveys:

  • Surveys for new joiners: Ensuring the well-being and integration of your new joiners is a continuous journey. We assist you in establishing surveys for new joiners, including checkpoints after the first and sixth months.
  • Action Plans: We don’t stop at gathering feedback; we help you analyze the results and develop action plans for ongoing improvement.
Learning and development

Leadership Coaching and Mentoring:

  • Empowering Your Leaders: We empower your leaders to become their best, providing them with the tools and guidance needed to excel in their roles.

Learning Plans:

We help you build a workforce that’s prepared for the future with our Career Paths Personal Goals and Learning Plans. We add value by:

  • Designing and Implementing: We design and implement career paths, learning plans, and employee development frameworks tailored to your organization’s unique needs.
  • Attracting and Retaining Talent: By becoming a great place for career growth, we help you attract and retain the best talent.

Upskilling and cross-skilling:

In the ever-changing job landscape, staying ahead requires upskilling and cross-skilling. Our service adds value by:

  • Understanding Job Stretch Requirements: We identify the skill gaps between legacy and future roles, ensuring your team is prepared for evolving responsibilities.
  • Personalized Development Programs: We design personalized development programs to upskill and cross-skill your workforce, keeping them adaptable and competitive.
    People (Performance) Management

    People Management Programs are tailored to your unique needs and designed to deliver long-lasting success. We specialize in:

    • Customized People Success Program: Designing and implementing People Management programs perfectly aligned with your organization’s unique requirements.
    • Modern Performance Management: Embracing a continuous approach to Performance Management that keeps your organization agile and adaptable to the evolving business landscape.
    • Leadership Accountability: Holding your leaders accountable for recognizing and rewarding exceptional performance while nurturing talent, ensuring they actively contribute to your organization’s growth.
    • Employee Recognition and Growth: Fostering a culture of appreciation and growth, empowering employees to continuously evolve and improve, benefiting both individuals and the organization.

    OKR (Objectives and Key Results):

    • Ensuring Clarity: Make sure everyone in your company knows how their contributions drive success.
    • Implementing Best Practices: Implementing the best objective-setting system, such as OKRs, to set clear goals and measure results effectively.

    CFR (Conversations, Feedback, Recognition):

    • Building a Culture of Instant Feedback: Creating a culture where feedback is exchanged freely and constructively, enabling continuous improvement.
    • Fostering Recognition: Encouraging recognition as a cornerstone of your workplace culture, motivating and engaging your employees.
    Succession Planning and Management

    Succession planning is vital for organizational resilience. Our service adds value by:

    • Measuring Succession Risk: We measure succession risk by evaluating the nature and degree of stretch across leadership roles, accounting for progressive role demands and required leadership capabilities.
    • Preparing for Tomorrow’s World of Work: We prepare you for the future of work by ensuring you always have the right people in the right roles, equipped with the necessary skills, and rewarded appropriately.
    • Tracking Skills and Certifications: We provide robust tracking of skills, licenses, and certifications, ensuring your workforce is always qualified and compliant.

    Culture and Employee Experience

    Employee Experience


    Culture Insights:

    • Culture Assessment: Understanding and nurturing your organizational culture is essential for sustained success. Our Culture Insights service offers a comprehensive assessment of your cultural health to ensure it’s working in your favor and not inadvertently.

    Culture Fostering and Alignment: We’re here to assist you in cultivating a culture that aligns seamlessly with your strategy, positioning you for a resounding success. How we add value:

    • Defining your current culture and identifying the culture needed to support your strategic vision.
    • Aligning your culture with your future business vision, employee hiring, development, and engagement.
    • Guiding you in fostering the right behaviors and attitudes that drive your mission and purpose.
    • Defining or evolving your mission, purpose, and values to reflect your growing organization.

    Identify and fix any policies, processes, and practices: Your culture is greatly influenced by your policies, processes, and practices.

    • We specialize in identifying and rectifying any standard practices, policies, or processes that might hinder agile and innovative ways of working. Our goal is to ensure your organizational environment fully supports growth, innovation, and employee well-being.

    Employee Relations and Communication

    Fee: Custom 

    Strong relationships and clear communication are key to a harmonious workplace.

    Our service adds value by:

    • Advocating for Managers and Employees: We act as neutral advocates, helping to improve relationships among your employees.
    • Boosting Internal Communication: As your organization grows, we emphasize the importance of communication and transparency to keep everyone informed.

    Employee Well-being

    Fee: Custom 

    Employee well-being is the foundation of a motivated and productive team.

    Our Well-Being service adds value by:

    • Designing Well-Being Plans: We create customized well-being plans that prioritize your people while staying within your budget capabilities.
    • Establishing a Happy Team Committee: This empowers your employees to have a say in their well-being, ensuring their needs and desires are heard and met.

    Employee Experience

    Fee: Custom 

    Your employees are at the heart of your organization’s success.

    Our Employee Experience service adds value by:

    • Assessing Employee Engagement: We delve deeper, understanding not just whether your employees are engaged but why they’re engaged and what truly motivates them.
    • Analyzing Experience Gaps: We identify gaps between your current Employee Experience and your desired state, providing a clear roadmap for improvement.
    • Crafting an Engaging Experience: We design an employee experience that harmoniously balances performance and well-being, ensuring your team thrives.

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

    Fee: Custom 

    Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion are not just buzzwords but cornerstones of a thriving workplace.

    Our service adds value by

    • Fostering Mindset and Behavioral Change: We facilitate change through effective communication, training, and talent processes.
    • Promoting Sustained Inclusion: We promote lasting inclusion by fostering a deep understanding of privilege across various dimensions like race, gender, ability, sexual orientation, and socioeconomic status.
    • Bolstering Inclusion: We strengthen inclusion with fair and equitable structures and processes because real change goes beyond behaviour alone.


    Fee: Custom 

    Offboarding, done right, can leave a positive impact.

    Our service adds value by:

    • Assisting in Employee Exits: We provide support and guidance during employee departures.
    • One-on-One Coaching: We offer personalized coaching to departing employees, ensuring a smooth transition.
    • Establishing Alumni Programs: We help set up alumni programs, maintaining a positive connection even after employees leave your organization.

    Compensation, Benefits, and Total Reward


    Our Total Reward service is more than just compensation and benefits; it encompasses everything of value your company provides to its people. We add value by:

    • Designing and Implementing a Total Reward Strategy and Program: We create a holistic total rewards program tailored to your organization, attracting, motivating, and retaining talent across all levels.
    • Compensation Models: We design compensation models for each job, including on-target earnings (OTE), fixed pay/compensation, variable pay/compensation, bonus, and equity plans.
    • Incentive Program Communication: We communicate incentive programs effectively, motivating your workforce by clearly explaining how performance translates into additional rewards.
    • Benchmarking and Recommendations: We benchmark your Total Reward program, identifying areas for improvement to ensure fairness and equity.
    • Global Pay Understanding: We help you navigate the complexities of global pay, ensuring consistency and competitiveness across borders.
    • Optimizing People Cost: We optimize your People Cost while maintaining a competitive edge in attracting and retaining top talent.

    Building business cases for change: Change is an essential part of growth. Our service adds value by:

    • Building a Case for Remuneration Change: We help you build a compelling case for remuneration change, ensuring your organization’s growth aligns with your talent strategy.
    • Rolling Out Changes: We roll out changes and ensure your people understand and embrace them, fostering a smooth transition toward a more competitive and motivating compensation and benefits structure.


    Our Benefits Package Analysis service adds value by:

    • Analyzing Your Benefits Package: We assess your current benefits package to identify which offerings resonate most with your employees, allowing you to invest wisely in what matters most and streamline the rest.

    Build Benefits Packages: Attracting and motivating employees often starts with the right benefits. Our service adds value by:

    • Designing and Implementing Benefit Packages: We create customized benefits packages that align with your organization’s goals and effectively attract and motivate your employees.
    • Vendor Selection and Negotiation: We help you find the right vendors and negotiate the best prices, ensuring cost-effective benefits that still deliver value to your workforce.

    Transformations and Technologies


    Organizational Assessment

    Our Organizational Assessment service adds value by:

    • Analyzing Your Current Setting: We assess your organization’s current structure, processes, and communication flows to identify areas of improvement.
    • Identifying Gaps: We pinpoint where work gets done, how communication flows, and where gaps exist.
    • Assessing Tools and Technologies: We evaluate whether the tools and technologies in use provide leverage or constraints to your operations.

    People-Centered Change Management

    What makes change happen? People. What makes change fail? People.

    Change is driven by people and can be the key to success or failure. Our Change Management service adds value by:

    • Assessing Change Needs: We assess your organization’s change needs and readiness.
    • Building Change Strategies: We create strategies, plans, and governance processes to drive change effectively.
    • Human-Centered Approach: We focus on a human-centered approach to change management, partnering with your people to accelerate adoption.
    • Change Ambassadors: We identify individuals who respond best to change and transform them into change ambassadors.
    • Transformational Culture: We help build the structure, mindset, skills, and culture needed for organizational transformation.
    • Change Communications: We design and deliver change communications and internal campaigns to keep your team informed and inspired.
    • Measurement and Inclusivity: We track and measure the effects and results of change while ensuring inclusivity in the process.

    Build Processes to Unlock Success

    In a fast-paced world, simplicity and efficiency are key. Our service adds value by:

    • Crafting Tailored Handbooks and Processes: We design handbooks, policies, and processes that align with your business vision and streamline operations.
    • Goal Alignment: We ensure your processes align with your organizational goals for efficient decision-making and knowledge management.
    • Transition to Context Leadership: We guide you from a process-reliant company to one led by context when you’re ready.

      People (HR) Technologies

      Our People (HR) Technologies service adds value by digitalizing your People Team. We choose and implement the right tools for your organization, including:

        • HRIS (Human Resource Information System)
        • ATS (Applicant tracking system)
        • Performance Management Tools

      Career Advisory

      Professional Resume

      Fee: EUR 99 (VAT excluded)

      Our experts will enhance your career prospects with a professionally crafted resume.

      We will:

      • Align with Your Industry: Prepare a resume tailored to your specific industry, showcasing your expertise.
      • Formatting for Success: Format your resume to grab employers’ attention and make a lasting impression.
      • Keyword Optimization: Optimize keywords to ensure your resume passes through Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and reaches the right decision-makers.
      LinkedIn Makeover

      Fee: EUR 99 (VAT excluded)

      More than 80% of recruiters use LinkedIn to evaluate candidates. Let your digital presence work for you.z

      Our experts will revamp your LinkedIn profile to:

      • Keyword Optimization: Increase your visibility in recruiter searches by optimizing keywords.
      • Cohesive Narrative: Align your LinkedIn profile with your CV, presenting a consistent and compelling career narrative.
      • Achievement-focused: Highlight your achievements and skills to make your strengths shine through.

        Career Coaching

        Our personalized career coaching service is designed to empower you. We will:

        • Assess Your Potential: Evaluate your strengths, skills, education, and experience to identify your unique potential.
        • Explore Career Options: Help you explore various career paths and make informed decisions.
        •  Job Search Guidance: Provide valuable job-search tips and strategies.
        • Industry Insights: Explain industry trends and hiring practices to keep you ahead of the curve.
        •  Career Advancement: Guide you in advancing your career to new heights.

        Interview Preparation

        Confidence is key during interviews. Our service ensures you’re fully prepared. We will:

        • Interview Success Tips: Provide you with valuable tips and tricks for interview success.
        • Common Question Answers: Help you prepare strong, concise answers to the most common interview questions.
        • Mock Interviews: Conduct mock interviews to train and refine your interview skills.


        What are A La Carte Services?

        A La Carte Services allow you to select and pay for specific People (HR) services individually, rather than committing to a comprehensive package. It offers flexibility and cost-effectiveness.

        Can I change the services I'm using over time?

        Absolutely. You have the freedom to switch out People services based on your evolving needs. This flexibility ensures that you’re always getting the support you require.

        What types of businesses can benefit from A La Carte Services?

        A La Carte People Services are designed to cater to businesses of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises. Whether you’re a small business owner or a People manager at a mid-sized company, our services can be tailored to fit your needs.

        How do A La Carte Services work?

        You can choose from a menu of People services based on your business’s needs. Each service has a separate cost associated with it. You pay only for the services you use.

        Do I need a monthly subscription with you to use A La Carte Services?

        No, there’s no obligation to maintain a monthly subscription with us to access our A la carte services. You can utilize these services for one-time projects without committing to an ongoing subscription.

        Are your People professionals experienced in my industry?

        Yes, our team of People professionals has diverse industry experience. We work closely with you to understand the unique requirements of your industry and customize our services accordingly.

          Can I use A La Carte Services for a one-time project?

          Yes, absolutely. A La Carte Services are ideal for both ongoing People needs and one-time projects. You’re not tied to a long-term contract.

          How do I know which services are right for my business?

          If you’re unsure about which services suit your business best, we can help. Schedule a consultation with our People experts, and we’ll assess your needs and recommend the most appropriate solutions.

          What sets your A La Carte Services apart?

          Our Team. We have extensive experience, dedication to your success, and commitment to providing cost-effective solutions. We simplify complex challenges and deliver results.  Read more on the About Us page.

          Let us be part of your success story

          We invite you to get in touch with us and let us be your partners in achieving your business goals. Your success story is waiting to be written, and we’re here to help you craft it.

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